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Midterm Perfect Blues

Nearly Natal and Reveillon (Christmas and New Year’s Eve) and friends are already making arrangements to visit, all the way from Sydney, I don’t envy them the flight but once they get here they won’t regret it. The sky and sea are PERFECT BLUE, the sun is hot but nice hot, not too hot, and the summer season is in the air. I live right on the most popular beach in Salvador and while it’s crazy on weekends all year round, it’s starting to fill up on weekdays as well. Doesn’t anybody here ever do any work?!? Anyway, I am getting in the mood, the Jacuzzi is fixed and in action again and I feel a few rooftop barbecues coming around to complement the regular rooftop poker sessions (so far, we have only had gringo/expat males but Brazilians are more than welcome, even female ones). Off to the shopping mall now to enjoy the free air conditioning and have a bit of Western luxury – perhaps we’ll go for all the all you can eat Argentinian steak tonight.

Carnival is coming – March 2011

Halfway through another year and it’s time for us to realize that Brazil are not the greatest football team in the world right now. Meanwhile, some people are already thinking about carnival 2011 which comes extremely late next year, in the first week of March. That’s good news for party people as we will have a full 3 months of summer partying from mid-December through New Year’s Eve and then the January and February carnival buildup, followed by carnival itself and then the ressaca (the carnival hangover, another week of partying after carnival for people who just don’t want to let go).

So, I have put my own apartments back online (I still need to get some better photos) and it’s time to start getting everybody else’s apartments on there too. If anyone knows anyone with an apartment to rent – especially for carnival next year – tell them to get in touch.

Welcome to my site, I am so pleased to finally have it up.

Summer is right here now in Bahia, the ceiling fans are rolling, and the beach is just delicious. Just over 2 months to go to carnival with Christmas and New Year’s to look forward to before that, just trying to get life sorted so that when those trio eletricos start warming up for carnival, I will be ready and without a care in the world.